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This or That?

Before I got into designing logos, I basically thought there was one style: logo. It's a picture of what you do that's tiny and goes next to your business name. Since then, however, my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of designing! I hadn't finished my first day in my online schooling before I realized how wrong I was - also, how glad I was I was wrong! There's no end to the types of logos and design ideas one could create!

In this blog, I'm going to go over some of my favorite types of logos and explain more about the designs.

Logo #1: Abstract

The reason this is my favorite is that it has no limits to what it can become. Not all logos depict exactly what the business does, it simply represents the company.

Take Mastercard for example. It is simply two different colored circles overlapping each other. It doesn't exactly say, "Credit card!", but when you look at it, most people know exactly which company it represents. That is the coolness and the power of an abstract logo.

Some other famous abstract logos are the Olympics, Mazda, & Chanel.

Logo #2: Handdrawn

Handdrawn logos are beautiful because they have a natural, individual effect. There are no two exactly the same and they give a sense of elegance to your business. Handdrawn logos give your company a unique look as well as a classic, professional vibe.

I drew this one for a general store in a small town up in New Hampshire:

The owners wanted a classic, old-town feel with a modern, updated feel together. Since I grew up in NH, it was one of my favorite projects and a joy to work with the client!

Another handdrawn logo I created is for a candle company:

Like the name, it's simple, clean, and brings a homey, yet professional feel to the brand.

Logo #3: Lettermark

Basically, it is a design based on/including the letters that begin the company name.

A recent project I created was for Fam-Jam Threads, an eBay store run by a client of mine. I was able to take the F and the J and put them together to create a lettermark logo per the client's request.

Some famous logo examples would be Texas A&M, BBC, or Facebook.

Logo #4: Wordmark

While similar to the lettermark logos, Wordmark logos are just that, a mark (or design) made out of the word - usually the name of the company.

I did a wordmark logo for a summer camp I used to work at one year. Using the name of the camp, I changed the A into the triangle with Australia in it because that was the country our camp was focused on that year.

For themed events, wordmark logos are the best, I think because it helps your customers or attendees easily remember the name.

Some famous logos you may know that are wordmark are Google, Disney, Subway, eBay, Vans, Netflix, and so many more. It is a very popular style!

Logo #5: Emblem

Emblem logos are simply an emblem that represents your company with usually the name of your company within it. They are more complicated and sometimes hard to see if they're small (like on a website tab), but I still think they're really cool.

I created for a finance company this year called Wealth Traders.

It's easy to get the info people need in an emblem logo and it's a great icon for convenient branding purposes.

Another example is this sleeker, signature-based, sports massage logo:

I also created my own logo as an emblem type for JS Design Company. It has the name within the (almost) confined rectangle shape.

Some famous emblem logos are Starbucks (my favorite), Domino's Pizza, Harley Davidson, plus a lot of prestigious Universities like Harvard, Dartmouth, & Yale.

Logo #6: Combination

Last, but certainly not least, are combination logos. These have an icon plus your company name together in one. I love these because to me they look clean, get the point across, and are easily adaptable for branding purposes - plus they're fun to create :)

Here is another eBay store logo I created as a combination logo:

Combination logos can be used as just the icon, but typically they are known to have the company name with them as well.

Some famous combination logos are Puma, Doritos, Dropbox, Redbull, and many more.

There are definitely more logos than I have explained here, but these are simply a few of my favorite to work with as a designer. When you're choosing which type of logo you would like for your own company, I would recommend getting on google, searching for these different types of logos, and seeing which one you feel would best fit your company.

Then connect with me for a free quote and we can get started building your own custom-made logo! :)

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