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Branding Package Options

What is branding?   Branding is creating a consistent theme across the marketing of your company - logos, emails, websites, etc. 

There are many different facets to branding your business, and this page will help you figure out exactly what you want for yours!

Contact me with any questions or to get a quote for your custom project!   


Your logo is the main thing people will remember when they think of your company.  It is a symbol, sometimes abstract, sometimes clear, that should be slightly mysterious to stick in people's minds.  

During our initial session, we will discuss your vision.  That will allow me to create the logo that best represents your company.  Once we finalize your logo, we can then move on to the rest of your branding. 

Business Cards

Business cards are a great and easy way to get your business name out there into people's hands - literally.  Whether you're networking or making friends, having something to physically hand people creates a connection they'll remember when they need your services. 



Flyers are a great way to share information in more detail about your company or upcoming events.  While most advertisements are done online these days, it is still beneficial to have printed flyers to help your company make a lasting impression. 

Email Header

We all know that emails tend to get lost in a slew of promotions, office memos, junk mail, etc.  Why not make your emails stand out from the rest?  Having a customized email header allows your emails to be recognized and remembered.   


Website Graphics

We live in a high-tech world.  Your presence on the web is huge in establishing credibility as a company.  Part of that is having your website look consistent with your brand because customers trust a well-branded company. 


Even though we are in a high-tech world, you can never underestimate what a hardcopy letter can do for your company.  Adding custom letterheads and stationery to your branding package can bring your professional correspondence to a new level.


Product Labels

If your company sells products, having custom-made, brand-appropriate labels is the icing on the cake for your displays both online and in-store!  Together we will go over what you sell and create a label style that fits each product.   

Podcast Artwork

We live in a prominently digital age where people's voices are able to be heard around the world! Podcasts, Youtube, IG reels, & other platforms are all amazing ways to share your thoughts. Let's create artwork that helps your voice stand out among the thousands!

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Branding Guide

A branding guide ties your branding package together and is a great asset for your company to have on hand.  It includes your company's vision, logo, typography, color palette, and rules for how each is to be used.  

Branding guides have all the details your marketing team will need for expanding your brand further as your company grows. 

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