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Let Them See You

"Let Them See You Designs." This was the first name that came to mind when I was beginning my graphic design business and was inspired by the song from Colton Dixon, "Let Them See You" which is about how he wants to bring people to the Lord through his music - "let them see You in me." It was during this song that God told me the time was right for me to finally go into freelance graphic design. He said, "I want you to show people who they really are through your designs while showing them who I really Am through who you are."

I was scared. I fought doubts, insecurities, and "logical" reasons why I shouldn't do this. I didn't know what I was doing or what people would think about it. How would I get clients? How can I compare to design experts out there? How am I going to come up with new designs all the time? Is this financially wise?

But Jesus gave me so much peace and joy, I knew I had to do it. After talking and praying with my husband, I made the decision, put in my notice at work, and set off to see what the Lord would do in this new season.

One night in the process as I was going to sleep, I sat up excitedly because God showed me my company logo! I saw it in my mind and jumped out of bed to draw it before it faded. The next few days with the help of my design mentors and other friends, I finalized the design for JS Design Company.

Every time I look at it I am reminded of how I'm not in this alone. I didn't come up with this on my own and I won't have to figure anything out alone. God is the One who created our world, the universe beyond, and even me. He is the One with whom I am doing this. When I am designing, I feel so close to Him. When I'm creating and see the joy in the faces of my clients, I feel the joy He feels when I marvel at a beautiful sunset or the mountain ranges.

For the past 11 months, I haven't mentioned Him in my business formulas or in professional circumstances, because I felt it was "unprofessional" and would hinder my growth as a freelancer. I cannot, however, take the attention away from Him anymore because He is the reason I am able to design, able to create, able to do any of this every day.

This blog is shorter, but I wanted to share my real heart with anyone who reads or keeps up with these posts. I love creating with Jesus, I love seeing the joy in the faces of my clients when the job is done, and I cannot wait to see where He takes this road :)

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